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Windows Initialization and Software Recommendations (Old)

For updated content, please visit Personal Onboarding Workflow (Windows)

You've just installed a Windows operating system. What are the essential settings and software that you need?

Personal Settings

  • Do not use a Microsoft account for initialization.
  • Enable diagnostics (required for preview versions of the system).
  • Rename your computer.
  • Go to Settings - Update & Security - Developer options and enable Developer mode.
  • Activate Preview mode.
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Install Synology Drive Client.
  • Install Huorong Security (to prevent Windows Defender from deleting files erroneously).
  • Log in to your Microsoft account.
  • Activate Windows: HEU_KMS_Activator
  • Update the system and drivers.
  • Configure your browser (Edge Canary).
  • User Account Control Settings: Set it to "Never notify."
  • Customize the taskbar.
  • Configure personalized settings.
  • Configure display settings.
  • Configure clipboard history and synchronization.
  • Configure peripherals like mouse, touchpad, and keyboard.
  • Enable GodMode: GodMode
  • Disable hibernation: powercfg /hibernate off
  • Resolve Chinese Font Display Issues in English Environments

Software Installation

  • DiskGenius: Disk Utility

    • Reserve 10 GB of Free Space (SSD)
    • NTFS, 4096 Sectors (4k Alignment)
  • KMS:

    • Activate Windows (No longer effective)
    • Disable Windows Defender

Optional Software

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