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TheExec (The Executive) 🚧

This post was originally written in English.

TheExec(The Executive) is one of the highest-level objects, which gives access to test executive related properties.




TheExec.Flow.TestLimit(resultVal, lowVal, hiVal, lowCompareSign,
highCompareSign, scaletype, unit, formatStr, TName, compareMode, pinName,
forceVal, forceunit, customUnit, customForceunit, ForceResults, TNum)

Parameters most used:

  • resultVal (required): Which the result value will been written.
  • lowVal, hiVal : The low and high limits. Default is lowVal <= resultVal <= hiVal.
  • unit: The unit of measurement
    • unitAmp unitVolt unitDb unitHz unitTime .
  • TName: A test name to be datalogged. If left blank, test instance's name will be used.
  • pinName: The pin name to be datalogged.
  • forceVal, forceunit: The test condition value and unit.
  • ForceResults: Whether to force a pass or fail or to use the limits specified in a flow table.

For an example:

TheExec.Flow.TestLimit  resultVal:=Vout_Measure, _
                        unit:=unitVolt, _
                        Tname:="Output_Voltage", _
                         pinName:=vout_pin, _
                         forceval:=vin_pin_voltage, _
                         forceunit:=unitVolt, _
                         forceresults:=tlForceFlow, _
                         lowval:=VOT_LowLimit, _