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graph TD
    a1("Collect Voltage vs. QUOT data across skew and temperature")
    a2("Select RO and define Target QUOT (fix value)" )
graph LR
    A[Square Rect] -- Link text --> B((Circle))
    A --> C(Round Rect)
    B --> D{Rhombus}
    C --> D
graph LR
  A[Start] --> B{Error?};
  B -->|Yes| C[Hmm...];
  C --> D[Debug];
  D --> B;
  B ---->|No| E[Yay!];
  Alice->>John: "Hello John, how are you?"
  loop Healthcheck
      John->>John: "Fight against hypochondria"
  Note right of John: "Rational thoughts!"
  John-->>Alice: "Great!"
  John->>Bob: "How about you?"
  Bob-->>John: "Jolly good!"
  state fork_state <<fork>>
    [*] --> fork_state
    fork_state --> State2
    fork_state --> State3

    state join_state <<join>>
    State2 --> join_state
    State3 --> join_state
    join_state --> State4
    State4 --> [*]

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