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Mount Synology NAS Hard Drive for Space Expansion on Linux (NFS)

If your server is running low on storage space, you can consider mounting a hard drive from your Synology NAS to expand your storage capacity.

Configuration on Synology NAS

Enabling NFS Service

  1. Open your Synology DiskStation's settings.
  2. Navigate to File Services and select NFS.
  3. Enable the NFS service, and choose the latest protocol.

Configuring NFS Permissions for Folders

  1. Under Settings, go to Shared Folders.
  2. Select the shared folder you wish to make accessible via NFS and click Edit.
  3. Go to the NFS Permissions tab and click Add to create a new NFS rule.
  4. For the Server or IP address field, enter the IP address of the server that needs access to your Synology (e.g., if your server and Synology are on the same local network, enter your server's local IP, such as
  5. Check the boxes for Allow connections from non-privileged ports and Allow users to access mounted subfolders. Keep other settings at their default values.

Mounting on the Server

First, install the NFS service:

apt update
apt install nfs-common

Next, create a mount point on your server, for example:

sudo mkdir /DATA/nfs/music

Finally, execute the mount command:

mount -t nfs NAS_IP_address:/path_to_shared_folder /NFS_client_path

For example:

sudo mount -t nfs /DATA/nfs/music

If there are no errors, you can use the df command to check the mounting status.

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