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Keil MDK Configuration Guide

1. Download

Go to the Keil official download page:

Fill in the requested information as shown below and click the Submit button:

Download Page

Click on the download package link:

Download Package

2. Installation

Open the downloaded installation package and follow these steps:

Installation Step 1

Installation Step 2

Installation Step 3

Installation Step 4

Installation Step 5

Installation Step 6

Install the chip packages (we need STM32 F1 and F4 series):

Install Chip Packages 1

Install Chip Packages 2

3. Cracking

Download the crack tool

Close MDK and open it as an administrator:

Open as Administrator

Open the menu bar - File - License Management:

License Management

Copy this CID string:

Copy CID

Paste it into the crack tool, select Arm from the Target dropdown, and click Generate to generate the activation code:

Crack Tool

Copy the activation code and paste it into MDK, then click Add LIC:

Paste Activation Code

References and Acknowledgments

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