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Homelab - Self-hosted RSS Aggregator with FreshRSS


FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS aggregator that supports subscribing to multiple RSS sources and automatically refreshing them. It provides web-based reading and an API for use with mobile apps.

Deployment (Docker Compose)

To get started, create a compose.yaml file and paste the following content:

version: "2.4"
    container_name: ${STACK_NAME}_app
    image: freshrss/freshrss:${APP_VERSION}
    hostname: freshrss
        max-size: 10m
      - "${APP_PORT}:80"
      - ${STACK_DIR}/data:/var/www/FreshRSS/data
      - ${STACK_DIR}/extensions:/var/www/FreshRSS/extensions
      TZ: Asia/Shanghai
      CRON_MIN: "*/60" # Pull article updates every 60 minutes
    restart: unless-stopped

(Optional) It's recommended to create a .env file in the same directory as compose.yaml to customize your environment variables. If you prefer not to use environment variables, you can also directly customize your parameters within compose.yaml (e.g., replace ${STACK_NAME} with freshrss).

STACK_DIR=xxx # Customize your project storage path, e.g., ./freshrss

# freshrss
APP_PORT=xxxx # Customize your access port, choose an unoccupied one

Finally, run the docker compose up -d command in the same directory as compose.yaml to start the orchestrated containers.

Configuration Notes

You can find recommended RSS sources in rss-list, a list of Chinese blogs curated by saveweb.

For mobile apps, we recommend using FeedMe for Android and NetNewsWire for iOS.

For more RSS-related content, please refer to the article on RSS - A High-Efficiency Reading Method.

References and Acknowledgments

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