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Homelab - Multi-Purpose PDF Toolbox Stirling-PDF

Stirling-PDF is a self-hosted PDF toolkit that offers a range of functionalities, including PDF splitting, merging, rotating, page extraction, image conversion, reordering, image insertion/extraction, password addition/removal, permission settings, watermarking, converting other files to PDF, OCR text recognition, metadata editing, and support for dark mode.

Deployment (Docker Compose)

To get started, create a compose.yaml file and paste the following content:

version: "3.3"
    container_name: ${STACK_NAME}_app
    image: frooodle/s-pdf:${APP_VERSION}
      - ${APP_PORT}:8080
    restart: always

(Optional) It's recommended to create a .env file in the same directory as compose.yaml and customize your environment variables. If you prefer not to use environment variables, you can directly customize your parameters within compose.yaml (e.g., replacing ${STACK_NAME} with s-pdf).

STACK_DIR=xxx # Customize your project storage path, e.g., ./s-pdf

# s-pdf
APP_PORT=xxxx # Customize your access port, choose an available one

Finally, run the docker compose up -d command in the directory where compose.yaml is located to start the orchestrated container.

References and Acknowledgments

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