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Installing Library Files in Altium Designer

  1. Copy all the library files to the corresponding Shared\Library folder in the software.

  2. Open Altium Designer, go to the Components panel on the right-hand side. Click on the icon with three horizontal bars in the upper right corner, and select File-based Library Preferences. Then, navigate to the Installed tab and click the Install button to install the respective library files.

  3. In some special cases:

    • For the Jialichuang Integrated Library, the path is located within the JLCSMT_LIB\Project Outputs for Miscellaneous Devices LC folder.
    • If the third-party library files are in the form of Schematic Libraries (SchLib) or PCB Libraries (PcbLib) rather than Integrated Libraries (.IntLib), you will need to install both of these files simultaneously. To do this, when the library installation window pops up, click the dropdown menu on the right-hand side and select the All Files (.) wildcard. Otherwise, you will only see the .Intlib formatted files.

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