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Considerations for Using Git with AD

Managing Projects with Git

Altium Designer supports the use of Git/SVN for version control. If you are using Git, you can simply create a Git repository in the project's location. After restarting Altium Designer, you will see the version status displayed next to the file tree:

Version Status

The icons represent the following:

Icon Meanings

You can perform Git operations directly from the Project (C) - Version Control (E) menu, and you can even directly submit to GitHub.

.gitignore File

When using Altium Designer, the software generates certain cache files (such as the History folder), which not only slow down the submission process but also clutter the commit history. This is where the .gitignore file comes in handy to ignore these cache files.

The .gitignore file suitable for Altium Designer includes the following content:

# ============================= Projects =============================
# Altium Workspace

# Altium Project Group

# Altium Integrated Library Package

# Altium Project Group

# Altium Multi-board Design Project

# Altium PCB Project

# Altium Script Project


# ============================= Schematic =============================
# Altium Schematic Template

# Altium Multi-board Schematic

# Altium Schematic Document

# Altium Schematic Document

# Altium Schematic Template

# Altium Schematic Library

# ============================= PCB =============================
# Altium Multi-board Assembly

# Protel PCB Document

# Altium PCB Document

# Altium PCB Library

# ============================= Libraries =============================
# Altium Component Library

# Altium Compiled Library

# Altium Library

# Altium Pad Via Library

# ============================= CAMtastic =============================
# CAMtastic Aperture Data

# CAMtastic Aperture Data

# Altium CAMtastic Document

# CAMtastic NC Drill Binary Data

These guidelines should help you effectively manage your Altium Designer projects using Git.

============================= Gerber =============================


CAMtastic Mid Layer 1-30 Gerber Data

============================= Outputs =============================


Design Rule Check Report


Altium NC Drill Report File


Altium Netlist File


Simulation Netlist Document


Altium Output Job File


Report File


Report File

============================= Scripts =============================


Altium Script Document


Altium Script Document


Altium Script Document

============================= Simulation =============================


Simulation Sub-Circuit


Logic Analyser Analog File


Logic Analyser Digital File


Simulation Model




Simulation Piecewise Linear Description


Altium Simulation Data File


CUPL Simulation Input File


Digital Waveform File

============================= Folders =============================



Project Logs for */

============================= Other =============================


Bom Document


Altium Database Library File


Altium Database Link File

Simply place it in the root directory of your Git repository. In case of duplicates, merge it with the existing .gitignore file.

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