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Using Broadband Injection Transformers 🚧

Broadband injection transformers are used to inject signals into circuits, such as control loops for switch-mode power supplies, in conjunction with a loop analyzer to perform loop analysis on switch-mode power supplies. This article elaborates on the use of CYBERTEK's broadband injection transformer CK100 (2Hz-2MHz).

CK100 Image

The basic specifications of the broadband injection transformer CK100 are as follows:

Parameter Specification
Turns Ratio 1:1
Bandwidth (-3dB) 2Hz—2MHz
Isolation Voltage 600V CATIII
Primary-Secondary Capacitance 400pF @ 1kHz
Maximum Secondary Current 10mA
Operating Range 0°C to 50 °C
Dimensions 85mm × 46mm × 30mm
Weight 96g

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