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How to Write Articles for WeChat Official Accounts Using Markdown

In the article Efficient Writing with Markdown that introduces Markdown, we have witnessed the convenience of using Markdown for typesetting. But how can we use it to write articles for WeChat Official Accounts?

As we all know, WeChat Official Accounts use a rich text editor that cannot directly interpret Markdown syntax. However, we can first convert Markdown into rich text and then paste it into the editor of the WeChat Official Accounts article.


MD2WeChat is a web tool I customized based on the open-source project lyricat/wechat-format. It can easily convert Markdown syntax into rich text:

Paste the Markdown article into the left column and click the "Copy" button in the right column. Then, you can paste it into the editor of the WeChat Official Accounts.

Note: Since external links are not allowed in WeChat Official Accounts articles, the links will be automatically converted to footnotes and placed at the bottom.

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