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How to Use LaTeX in Markdown

Markdown natively supports writing mathematical formulas and symbols using LaTeX.

Font Styles

  • Line break: \\
  • Space: \
  • Center alignment: wrap with $$
  • Font styles: bold: \mathbf, italic: \mathit
  • Font sizes: \tiny, \scriptsize, \small, \normalsize, \large, \Large, \huge, \Huge
  • Color: \color{color_value}{text/symbol}
  • Comment: \text{content}

Arithmetic Operations

  • Dot product: \cdot
  • Cross product: \times

Superscript / Subscript

  • Superscript: ^
  • Subscript: _
  • If nested, use {} to enclose.

Example: \(\(X^{2m}_{3n}\)\)

Overline / Underline

  • Overline: \overline
  • Underline: \underline

Example: \(\(\overline{x^2+a+b}\)\)


Representation of fractions: \frac{numerator}{denominator}

Systems of Equations

Method 1: \begin{array}{c} expression_1\\expression_2... \end{array} Method 2: \begin{cases}…\end{cases}

Square Root

Format: \sqrt[n]{x}, where n represents the root index and x represents the radicand.

Greek Letters

Greek Letter (uppercase) Expression Greek Letter (lowercase) Expression
A A α \alpha
B B β \beta
Γ \Gamma γ \gamma
Δ \Delta δ \delta
E E ϵ \epsilon
Z Z ε \varepsilon
H H η \eta
Θ \Theta θ \theta
I I ι \iota
K K κ \kappa
Λ \Lambda λ \lambda
M M μ \mu
N N ν \nu
Ξ \Xi ξ \xi
O O ο \omicron
Π \Pi π \pi
P P ρ \rho
Σ \Sigma σ \sigma
T T τ \tau
Υ \Upsilon υ \upsilon
Φ \Phi ϕ \phi
- φ \varphi
X X χ \chi
Ψ \Psi ψ \psi
Ω \Omega ω \omega


Operator Expression Operator Expression
± \pm \emptyset
× \times \in
÷ \div \notin
\mid \subset
\cdot \supset
\circ \subseteq
\ast \supseteq
\bigodot \bigcap
\bigotimes \bigcup
\bigoplus \bigvee
\leq \bigwedge
\geq \neq
\approx \equiv

Calculus Symbols

Operator Expression Operator Expression
\oint \infty
\nabla \int
\sum lim \lim
\vec{} - -

Logical Symbols

Operator Expression Operator Expression
\because \therefore
\forall \exists

References and Acknowledgements

This post is translated using ChatGPT, please feedback if any omissions.