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How to Separate Tracks from Music

Deezer, a music streaming company from France, has open-sourced a track separation software called spleeter. With just a simple command, you can separate the vocals and various instrument tracks from a piece of music. It supports common audio formats such as mp3, wav, and ogg.

Spleeter also supports GPU acceleration. When running on a GPU, it can achieve a speed 100 times faster than real-time separation. This means that separating a 5-minute song only takes 3 seconds.

Within just one week of its release on GitHub, spleeter has already garnered 2.4K stars and has generated over 1000 points of interest on Hacker News.

Spleeter can separate up to 5 tracks, including vocals, drums, bass, piano, and other instruments.

Please click the link below for instructions on how to use the software.

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