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Setting Up an RSS Generator with RSSHub on Synology Docker

Deploy RSSHub service on Synology Docker to generate RSS subscription sources for various peculiar content.


Deployment on Synology Docker

Open the Synology Docker Package, download the diygod/rsshub image, double-click to start, select "Enable auto-restart," and then access "Advanced Settings."

On the "Port Settings" page, manually set the local port corresponding to container port 1200 (e.g., I set it as 8004):

Port Settings

After completing the configuration, start the container. Enter your Synology's local IP:8004, and if you can see the RSSHub page, consider the installation successful.

Usage Instructions

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the RSSHub Official Documentation.

As a simple example, in the official documentation, you can find the method to generate the RSS feed for "Now Playing Movies" on Douban as follows:

RSS Generation

So, you can use your_domain/douban/movie/playing to generate RSS feeds using your own server.

It's recommended to use Synology's built-in reverse proxy to implement HTTPS encryption. You can find a specific tutorial in the article Enabling HTTPS Access with Synology's Built-In Reverse Proxy.

Automatic Detection of Routes with RSSHub Radar

RSSHub Radar is a browser extension that helps you quickly discover and subscribe to RSS feeds from current websites and RSSHub.

You can use it by entering custom addresses in its settings.

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