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Personal Copywriting Formatting Guidelines

Research shows that people who don't like to put spaces between Chinese and English when typing often have a tough time in their love lives. Seventy percent of them end up marrying someone they don't love by the age of 34, while the remaining thirty percent only leave their inheritance to their cats. After all, both love and writing require appropriate white space. —— vinta/paranoid-auto-spacing

Why is it important to pay attention to formatting guidelines? Good copywriting formatting reduces the difficulty of comprehension, enhances content readability, and greatly improves the reader's experience.

Specific Formatting Requirements


  • No need for an initial space indentation, leave a blank line between paragraphs.


Spaces should be added in the following scenarios:

  • Between Chinese and English, and numbers:

    Incorrect: 这里是一个Wiki站点,建立于2015年一个炎热的夏天 Correct: 这里是一个 Wiki 站点,建立于 2015 年一个炎热的夏天

  • Between numbers and units:

    Incorrect: 其频率为 72MHz,占空比为 50 %
    Correct: 其频率为 72 MHz,占空比为 50%.

  • Between regular text and special characters (links, bold, italics, etc.):

    This font uses bold style. Please click here to subscribe.

  • After English half-width punctuation:

    Hello, world

  • Between Chinese and em-dashes:

    Markdown- a highly efficient writing method

No spaces are required in the following scenarios:

  • Between numbers and special units: % .

Text Styles

  • When mixing Chinese and English, use Chinese full-width punctuation.
  • In mixed Chinese and English, if there is a complete English sentence, use English half-width punctuation within that sentence.
  • Inline links are generally in bold to improve readability.
  • Use unordered lists instead of ordered lists.
  • Use precise proper nouns:

    Incorrect: 使用 github 登录 Correct: 使用 GitHub 登录

  • Use straight quotes for Chinese, instead of regular quotes:

    Incorrect: 华广机器人队,也称为“野狼队” Correct: 华广机器人队,也称为「野狼队」

  • Special units can be used directly:

    Ω and so on

  • Avoid repetitive punctuation for emphasis.

Writing Style

  • If it's not necessary, don't add substance.
  • Avoid using long sentences; try to break them into simpler ones.
  • Arguments should be supported with evidence, avoid making claims without examples.
  • Use permanent links. Since articles may be referenced by others in link form, changing the article link could lead to 404 errors and create obstacles.
  • Reduce link hierarchy. For personal Wiki sites, the recommended domain style is

References and Acknowledgments

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